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Dear Fellow Floridians,

Most of us are concerned about the cost of our prescription medications. Shopping for the best price can be difficult and time consuming. Most pharmacies do not advertise or even display drug prices. This website was developed by the Florida Attorney General and the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to help consumers shop for the lowest price in their area for their prescription drugs.

The Florida Prescription Drug Price website provides pricing information for the 300 most commonly used prescription drugs in Florida. The prices are the “usual and customary prices,” also known as retail prices, reported monthly by pharmacies. This is the price that an uninsured consumer, with no discount or supplemental plan, would normally pay. Prices at your local pharmacy may change daily, so this website is only meant to help you compare prices at different pharmacies and are not a guaranteed price.

We hope your visit to this website is helpful to you. Most importantly, please take the time to carefully choose a pharmacy that can best provide you with the lowest costs and the individual services you need.

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Ashley Moody
Attorney General
Simone Marstiller
Secretary, AHCA

If you have any difficulty using the drug price locator, or have questions that are not answered in the FAQs, or the Helpful Links, please contact us for assistance.

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